Business Services

Business Services

On 31 January 2014, EIOPA has set up the timeline for the delivery of the Solvency II Implementing Technical Standards and Guidelines. The overall goal of the project is to deliver the regulatory and supervisory framework for the technical implementation of the Solvency II regime from the first day of application, 1 January 2016. It is of high importance to ensure a timely and proportionate application of Solvency II. The key products of this project will be the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS)1 and the Guidelines2 for Solvency II.

There have been delays in finalization of the OMD II (Omnibus directive II that complements Solvency II) and publishing the implementing technical standards. Therefore, EIOPA has prescribed a preparatory Phase and an implementation date of 01 Jan 2016. During the preparatory phase, insurance companies need to provide interim reporting that cover some of the reporting templates. After the implementation date, insurance companies will need to do full reporting that include all the reporting templates.

Please find the snapshot of Timetable and Solvency 2 Pillar 3 requirements.

Apart from providing Accountancy services, we also offer the following services in the areas of

Solvency II Pillar 3 Reporting requirements

Balance Sheet

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Provisions
  • Capital
  • Off-balance sheet items
  • SII & Statutory accounts

Assets & Liabilities

  • Assets by currency
  • Derivatives - Open & Traded
  • Return on investments
  • Assets held as collaterals
  • Financial & contingent liabilities
  • Technical provisions & payables


  • Own funds
  • SCR - standard, partial & internal
  • MCR - composite & non-composite
  • Ring-fenced fund - solo & group
  • Variance analysis of BOF

Technical Provision

  • TP - Life & health & non-live
  • Risk margin
  • Future cash flow projection
  • Life obligation analysis
  • Profit & loss sharing
  • Duration of liabilities


  • Reinsurance
  • National specific template and / or FSB
  • Revenue - Premium, expenses, claims, P&L (Statutory)
  • Financial stability


  • SFCR & RSR
  • Governance system
  • Capital management
  • Valuation for solvency
  • Reporting process & policy
  • Event based ad-hoc reports

Corporate Performance Management

  • Consultancy Services on Financial Consolidation (Oracle HFM)
  • Implementation of Financial Consolidation System (Oracle HFM)
  • Support and maintenance (Oracle Essbase, HFM, Planning, HPCM)

We have quite a few very experienced Oracle Hyperion profesionals who can work with you to provide cost effective solution.

Our Offerings and Solutions

Quantitative Management Reporting (QMR) is a pre-built application for Oracle Financial Close Suite specifically to address Solvency II reporting requirements. QMR will perform all the necessary calculations/aggregations/consolidations logic based on the necessary risk and actuarial data to produce the Solvency II reports.

Our specialist team in B&S will work closely with you to help you in designing and configuring this product to provide you an effective solution.

Personal Services

Taking care of the ones you love must be one of the most important things in life. For many people they probably do this on a daily basis, yet so many people quite easily forget to think about what might happen when there no longer here. Without careful estate planning, you could leave your loved ones with serious legal and financial obligations. Fear not, our estate planning will be tailored towards your needs, so rest assured you will never have to worry about the legal and financial obligations again.

Our personal tax planning will always be tailored to your needs. We provide advice on minimising liability, such as, income tax and capital gains tax. We also complete and file your returns, and make sure you make the necessary payments on time.

Everyone anticipates that their retirement will be a time of enjoyment, fun and relaxation. Well with our retirement strategies and sensible financial planning, you can surely secure your quality of life in the years to come. Remember, it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement and guaranteeing a good retirement income takes considerable planning and work.

General Accountancy

Our accountants can help keep your business books current by offering a full bookkeeping service on site, as per your request. This can not only help you focus on the core running of your business, but it means you will also have access to the most up-to-date reports and any necessary advice which you may require.

Understanding your VAT obligations can be a very difficult task. Our accountants specialize in this and can break down your VAT responsibilities, and help you become fully VAT compliant.

Our accountants specialize in undertaking in-depth analysis of your accounts and financial situation, which can be the key towards strategic planning and undertaking your next business decision.

Our accountants not only analyse your accounts, but also look at trends and compile a report that not only forecasts for your business, but also helps in decision making. We here at Brayan and Spencer recognise that in order to make your business grow, we must help you to minimise your costs and to maximise your profits. Therefore, we use budgeting and forecasting to help lower your costs and to maximise your profits.

Price Plan

Cost effective fees

We are committed to keeping our fees competitive and we ensure that our clients receive the best and ‘value added ‘holistic’ service possible. It is our policy to agree fees with you in advance to enable you to budget and avoid unplanned expense.

See our price guide below:

Price Guide Details


  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Non VAT Registered Trader/ Landlord
  • VAT Registered Trader/ Landlord
  • Dormant Companies
  • Non VAT Registered Trading Companies
  • VAT Registered Trading Companies
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Specialist Tax Services
  • Book keeping
  • Payroll