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These days, the only time anyone would work for free is if it’s a charity or if they are volunteering or gaining work experience. Therefore, paying people for their work is probably one of the most important tasks for any business. Organizing the payroll can be a tricky tasks for any company, whatever its size.

Nevertheless, if people are not paid correctly, then they get upset very easily these days. However, with our expertise and our payroll system, not only will your employees be paid correctly, but we will also make sure that you are compliant with all the relevant legislation and tax requirements.

We will administer your payroll service for you, so you can focus on other priorities. We can: organize pay slips, provide end of year returns for your employees and for the Inland Revenue, ensure contributions are being made under the correct pay-as-you-earn income tax bracket and for national insurance, organize statutory pay including maternity pay and sick pay, and administer pension scheme payments.